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Keziah Breslin


Hi, I’m Keziah – Like a lot of Pilates teachers I have a background in dance and passion for movement. I also have a sneaky suspicion that I love that Pilates because it requires a fair amount of laying down. After trying many iterations of Pilates I’ve circled back to classical Pilates. I love the structure and dynamism of it. I find the system-based approach really challenges bodies in a safe and measured way and that it really does foster positive change in all areas of my life, and I see many happy clients feeling the same.

I am certified in advanced Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates. I hold three full comprehensive certifications (meaning I can teach mat, reformer and all the classical Pilates studio equipment) I’ve also enjoyed many further education trainings including Pilates for spinal surgeries. I’m also a Yoga Alliance registered Senior Yoga Teacher, a teacher of the GYROTONIC® method and a Pre and Postnatal specialist. That said, I love teaching ALL bodies; from young to old and athletes, dancers to anyone wanting to try Pilates for the first time.

I’m super interested in the connection between body and mind. I’ve dipped into lots of different movement modalities my various trainings have happened to take me all around the world. I’ve been lucky enough to train with some fantastic teachers in London, Germany, New York, India, Thailand and South Africa. I continue to study and learn about the body and biodynamic movement, and this has included studies in Thai Yoga Massage and a diploma in biodynamic anatomy and physiology at the college of cranio- sacral therapy.

After a lifelong hate of running I decided to dig in and give it a go and ran my first half marathon this year followed by two more, so if you want to geek out about running shoes or running belts, I’m up for it!