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Greta Schroeder

Owner The Movement DepartmentPilates and Yoga
Home 36th Street and J Street Sacramento California 95816 USA Work Phone: 415-420-4620 Website: The Movement Department


Classically trained and certified Pilates and yoga instructor

14 years of teaching experience in CA and NY

I was raised in the Sierra Nevada foothills. My mother worked as a nurse and my father as a teacher. My non-school hours were primarily spent in gymnastics and dance classes which were not only fun and challenging but also hugely informative about the human body’s range of capabilities. I danced throughout college at UC Irvine as well as for a few years in New York. During that time, I was introduced to Pilates and yoga and quickly became enamored with the physical skill, focus and control that it took to achieve each exercise or posture. Along the way I found myself also admiring some of the more subtle layers of each practice. I liked that both physical modalities were interested in the breath mechanism and its relationship to health and stress reduction. I liked that each method contained both rigorous as well as restorative elements and I appreciated that each practice focused on cultivating actions of self-awareness, compassion and acceptance. I have since dedicated a decade to studying the workings of body. I love teaching because there are great moments when students master skills, connect to their bodies in new ways and develop more strength, coordination and control than they’d originally thought possible.

The saying, “Teach to ‘The Health’ and the rest will follow” is a favorite in the Classical Pilates community. I have felt the truth of this sentiment in my own body and it is the foundation of my teaching philosophy.


Pilates Method Alliance Certified Instructor

The Pilates Center, Bridge Program
The Pilates Center, Master’s Program
The Center for Women’s Fitness, Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates Training
Power Pilates, Comprehensive Certification
Long Beach Dance Conditioning, Advances in Pilates Technique Certification Course

Workshops: Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, Cara Reeser, Deb Kolwey, Erika Groff, Susanne Staehr, Tom Meyers, Liz Koch, M.E.L.T, Rebecca Rothstein, Irene Dowd

Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor

YogaWorks 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Erika Trice, Mynx Inatsugu, Nikki Estrada
Yoga Place Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course with David Swenson
Yoga Place Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Module 1 & 2 with Karin O’Bannon

Workshops: Pattabhi Jois World Tour, Maty Ezraty, Tim Miller, Alan Finger, Seane Corne, Rusty Wells, Ana Forrest