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Greta Karagianes

Classical Pilates and Movement Education Greta Pilates
Work Sacremento Califiornia 95819 Work Phone: 415-420-4620 Website: Great Pilates


Photo of Greta Karagianes

My work as a movement educator is to embody the best practices of all of my influences and help connect my students to the wisdom passed down to me. In my classes, I encourage self-compassion and critical thinking skills, and curiosity as much as discipline.

I’ve found that for this method to be truly effective, it must do two things: First, it must make sense to you. Alignment principles and body mechanics can become tools that you utilize to either a) optimize your physical aspirations or b) help you put Humpty Dumpty (aka your body) back together again after pregnancy, surgery or unexpected life circumstances.

Second, and most importantly, this work must be personal. There is an emotional component to addressing our physical and mental limitations, and we must learn how to develop a practice that considers this.

Developing a friendly relationship with your body is one of the key components to both self-fulfillment and peace of mind. I hoe to use my education and personal history to help mentor and guide you towards these benefits firsthand