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Deborah Jarboe Matthews

Pilates Instructor, TPC Licensed Teacher Trainer InsideOut Body Therapies, LLC
Work 5720 Fayetteville Road, Ste. 101 Durham North Carolina 27713 U.S.A. Work Phone: 919-361-0104 Website: InsideOut Body Therapies


Photo of Deborah Jarboe Matthews

Deborah Matthews, PMA®-CPT
A Founding Partner of InsideOut Body Therapies, Deborah is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance® and a PMA® Certified Pilates Instructor. She trained at The Pilates Center of Boulder. Deborah completed her initial Pilates training in 1999 and the TPC Master’s Program in 2008. She is a Licensed Teacher Trainer for TPC and currently completing the Heritage Training with Cara Reeser at Pilates Aligned in Denver, Colorado (2014). She is the Director of the InsideOut Body Therapies Pilates Teacher Training, which is officially licensed from The Pilates Center.

Before moving to Durham, Deborah managed and taught GYROTONIC® at White Cloud Boulder and worked for Cara Reeser at Pilates Aligned in Denver. Deborah offers a classical, yet highly innovative approach to Pilates, with a deep understanding of the damaged body in need of rehabilitation and the everyday body in need of strength and flexibility. Deborah discovered Pilates through the process of her own healing and rehabilitation. Her rehabilitation from a kidney transplant using Pilates and other body therapies gives her the insight and compassion to work with clients in pain and with complex diagnoses. She collaborates regularly with the Physical Therapy Department at the Duke Sports Medicine Center. She also trains some of the world’s most elite athletes in Pilates having worked with the Duke Men’s Basketball Team and 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Nick McCrory.

In addition to ongoing training with Pilates masters, Deborah’s teaching is deeply informed by her study of Rolf Movement® Integration with Hubert Godard, Rolf Movement Instructor at The Rolf Institute® as well as the work of Kevin Frank, Caryn McHose, Susan Harper, Tom Myers, and Mary Bond.

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5720 Fayetteville Road, Ste. 101 Durham North Carolina 27713 U.S.A.