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Deborah Eve Feldman

Master Pilates Instructor/Teacher Training Pilates by Deborah Eve
Work 110 N. Delaware Blvd, #16A Jupiter Florida 33458 ON ZOOM TOO Work Phone: 520-861-3079 Website: Pilates by Deborah Eve


Photo of Deborah Eve Feldman

Deborah Eve Feldman is a Master Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO, (“The Harvard of Pilates”).  In addition, she was comprehensively certified in Pilates through Long Beach Dance Conditioning (Marie Jose Blom,) in 2004.

Deborah discovered Pilates as a professional dancer in 1990, with Elizabeth Larkam and Mercy Sidbury at the St-Francis Center for Sports Medicine.

In 1996, while teaching, choreographing and dancing for different companies in Tucson, AZ, she was recruited to teach Pilates by Jennifer Pollack, director of NEW ARTiculations Dance Company and Pilates Studio Owner.  Deborah bought the studio and enjoyed a successful business until she moved to Cambridge MA in 2005.

In Cambridge, she taught in her own studio, “Cambridge Pilates.” In addition, she instructed and developed the Pilates Program at The Wellbridge Athletic Club in Harvard Square for 5 years.

She later founded Pilates Centre Montreal, teaching Pilates instructors, professional dancers, as well as training teachers.

Deborah has trained several instructors over the years, all successful and reputed.

She now lives in Southern Florida, teaching and developing Pilates programs for the Country Clubs, (currently Jonathan’s Landing and Jupiter Hills Club,) in addition to training teachers and clients out of her home.

From the age of 14, Deborah consistently studied optimal human Movement from Authentic Dance forms to Alexander Technique, Simonson, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, etc. She is always eager to grow and enhance her ability to facilitate health and well-being while focusing on the Classical repertoire of Mr. JH Pilates.

In summary, Deborah brings 30 years of comprehensive experience as well as her profound love of Pilates to every lesson and person she has the privilege to work with.