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Celia Bernard

Work PO Box 16 – 5034 Adib Ishac Archafieh Beirut LebanonHome Beirut Lebanon Work Phone: +961 71 26 000 Cell Phone: +961 368 8888 Website: The Pilates Floor


Photo of Celia Bernard

Celia is french and grew up in France, after her studies she went to Beirut in Lebanon, Dubai and worked in fashion. Since she was a little girl she was very sporting and Passionate about sport, the movement and well-being of the human body, she discovered the Pilates and decided to devote herself to her new passion by doing her training with The Pilates Center Boulder with Maya Khairallah at the Pilates Floor in Beirut and become a teacher. Celia is passionate about the Pilates method that made her aware of her body and the advantages to avoid injuries, to get a better posture, to balance and strengthen the body and for a better breathing. She hopes to share her passion with her clients by helping them advance and achieve their goals