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Billie Meyer

Pilates teacher Pulse Fitness
Home 829 Marietta Place NW Washington DC 20011 Work Pulse Fitness 5110 Ridgefield Rd. Suite 410 Bethesda Maryland 20816 Cell Phone: 970-618-6769 Work Phone: 301-656-0500 Website: Pulse Fitness


I came to Pilates because of chronic shoulder and neck issues and found a whole new world to explore.
Pilates helped me so much through the concept of uniform development and learning that I could make profound change,
feel better inside my skin and out, and relate to the world with more joy and hope. It’s a real pleasure helping people to find that sense of groundedness in themselves.
I’ve been practicing Pilates since 1997 in Aspen with Ted Macblaine and Amy Lange, and became certified at TPC in 2001.
After working in Aspen while going through the training I moved to the DC area, where I enjoy hiking, music and dancing,
and all of the fantastic museums and cultural events of this international city. I still do costumes for dancers from time to time as I
did in Aspen for the Ballet.
Currently I’m teaching mainly at an eclectic studio in Bethesda, Core Studios, with a diverse group of teachers. I also do home visits and am happily working more with Jill Studley, another TPC graduate, at her studio in Chevy Chase, MD.
I continue to do ongoing education with the Taylor sisters, Kim Haroche, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Mary Bowen, Cara Reiser and many others.