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Bethany Mateosian

Work San Carlos California Cell Phone: 207-841-0932


Bethany Tinsley Mateosian grew up in Texas and Holland and graduated from Bowdoin College with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a minor in Mathematics.

She has been a dancer since the age of 5, and rowed on the crew team for three years while at Bowdoin. Bethany originally chose to get certified through the Authentic Pilates Method, because it afforded her the opportunity to learn from the people who worked directly under Joseph Pilates. The scrupulous training gave her a great deal of insight into teaching styles and injury/illness problem solving, which she could not have gotten with other, less rigorous Pilates programs.

Since then, she has furthered her training with Anatomy and Physiology classes at USM, a year of studying the Alexander Technique, intensive study with master teachers Clare Dunphy and Amy Taylor Alpers, and an internship with David Reese, P.T., at Falmouth Physical Therapy. In 2011, Bethany completed her three-year Master’s Program with The Pilates Center in Boulder. In 2012, she also completed The Pilates Center’s Bridge Program. She has the pleasure and honor of helping other trainees through The Pilates Center’s programs as an Advisor to their Host Studio program.

Bethany believes that people who move their bodies are happier. According to Romana Krysanowska, who worked with Pilates for 30 years and was one of Bethany’s master teachers, Pilates often quoted the German poet Schiller as saying, “It is the spirit which guides the body.” The Pilates Method not only lengthens and tones muscles; it deepens the communication between the mind and the body.

This connection has intrigued Bethany since she first started training. She finds that Pilates tones her body without the stress, which she has experienced from working on rowing machines or treadmills. She knows that people can achieve total fitness without pushing their bodies to levels of great discomfort, and she is excited to mix challenge with fun in the sessions she teaches.