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Aliyah Hardy Hatcher

Owner and Senior Certified Pilates Teacher Pilates Center of Rockville
Work 5751-A Fishers Lane Rockville Maryland 20852 Work Phone: 301-770-3340 Website: Pilates Center of Rockville


Photo of Aliyah Hardy Hatcher

Aliyah believes that true health and well-being are achieved through a conscious collaboration between the mind and the body. Through more than 18 years of Pilates practice, in-depth study, and hands-on teaching experience, she has demonstrated that it is possible to systematically transform and rehabilitate the body. She believes that our bodies should be efficient, aware, strong and connected, and that it is never too late to tap into the power of the body. This belief is the foundation of her teaching.

Aliyah began practicing the Pilates Method while working as a structural engineer and strategic planner. Years of dance training, track and field, and other physical activities laid the foundation for her love of movement. She immediately connected to the structure, dynamics, mindfulness and integrated approach of Pilates. This connection and her belief in the Method led Aliyah to leave her corporate career to pursue a career in Pilates.

Aliyah is a graduate of the world’s foremost teacher training school for Pilates instructors – The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. She is also certified through the Pink Ribbon Program to work with breast cancer survivors. In addition to completing over 900 hours of comprehensive training, Aliyah has had the opportunity to study with many master Pilates teachers, and she is the former Director of Pilates at the American Dance Institute.

Aliyah’s knowledge of dynamics and structure intersect with her love of movement and the human body. She brings a unique perspective and a warm energy to her teaching and has experience working in an environment focused on integrated health, fitness, and rehabilitation. Aliyah’s love of teaching and desire to help people improve their health and well-being inspired her to open Pilates Center of Rockville in 2011.

Her mission is simple: “Come as you are. Leave at your best.”