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Alicia Gilbert


Photo of Alicia Gilbert

Alicia Gilbert has been a teacher and trainer in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, dancing at 16 and teaching fitness classes since 18. Alicia has been teaching Pilates since 1999 after graduating from the internationally renown school, The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado, where she studied under the founders Amy Alpers and Rachel Segal, as well as her mentors to this day, 2nd generation teachers Amy Lange and Cara Reeser.

Alicia’s intuitive sense of the body and solid understanding of body mechanics are at the core of her work. Over the years, she has taken ongoing, intensive studies from many of the nation’s finest movement teachers to deepen and solidify her practice, including 1st generation teachers Kathy Stanford Grant, Lolita San Miguel, Ron Fletcher, Mary Bowen, and 2nd generations Michelle Larsson, Jay Grimes, Rael, Julian Littleford, and more.
This in-depth education from the finest movement teachers in the nation deepened her innate vision into the body and as well as her understanding of body mechanics to restore health and vitality to herself, her clients and her students.