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Agnieszka Antczak-Chung

Certified Pilates Teacher Pilates Center of Rockville
Work 5751-A Fishers Lane Rockville Maryland 20852 Work Phone: 301-770-3340 Website: Pilates Center of Rockville


Photo of Agnieszka Antczak-Chung

Agnieszka’s journey with Pilates began in 2005 when she was seeking movement and exercise to help her relieve tension in her body from hours of practicing musical instruments. Through her Pilates practice, she began to discover how a healthy body should move and how consistent Pilates practice engages the whole body in learning that has long-lasting, holistic effects. It can transform the body, alleviate pain and allow us to better navigate our daily lives at work, home and in leisure.

In 2015, Angieszka enrolled in the world-renowned Pilates teacher training program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to completing over 600 hours of comprehensive training, she has completed hundreds of hours of additional study with several master Pilates teachers. Agnieszka grew up in Poland and moved to the United States in 2001. She has Master’s degrees in Music and Performing Arts, a Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy, and a background in teaching music that has translated to her Pilates teaching. She believes that Pilates is an invaluable investment in oneself that has lifelong benefits, and she is dedicated to helping her clients discover a path to greater strength and wellness through Pilates.