What is the Pilates Method?

What is the Pilates Method?
A Rebuttal to James Crader’s Article
By Amy Alpers

“What is the Pilates method?”

Most of us in the field of Pilates have tried to answer this question many times but have often fallen short. As one who has committed to a deep exploration of Joseph Pilates’ work for over 30 years,

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Growing as a Pilates Instructor

Advice from Three Experts, by Holly Nova

In January 2017, I made a big change. I quit my career of 15 years to become a Pilates teacher. I’d been feeling like my soul was slowly dying as I sat behind my desk, doing the same things over and over. Several years earlier, I had completed a training program,

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Nation’s Overall Health in Decline

No kidding . . .

Premature deaths (passing before the age of 75) have risen 5% since 2015
Drug-related deaths have increased by 7%
Cardiovascular deaths have risen by 5%

The United States is 27th out of the 35 participating countries in the study by the United Health Foundations.

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The 2016 Hip and Knee Conference

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July 20-24, 2016
Boulder, CO

As Pilates teachers today we see an alarming number of clients facing or rehabilitating from hip and knee injuries and surgeries. It’s truly an epidemic. What’s going on? Why is this happening? And how can we help? Because of this situation, we at TPC felt it was urgent and essential that we focus specifically on these issues now.

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