Where in the World is Amy Taylor Alpers: Dubai

Amy Taylor Alpers, co-founder of The Pilates Center with sister Rachel Taylor Segel, will be sharing The Pilates Center’s mission to heal the world through Pilates this March in Dubai. “I truly believe the answer to creating world peace lies in healing people’s wholeness, so they feel empowered, pain-free, and able to achieve their true […]

How The Pilates Center Got Its Start

Back when The Pilates Center opened its doors in 1990, there was so much possibility and opportunity as there really was no Pilates landscape then. Boulder was the perfect location for sisters and founders, Amy and Rachel, to open up the studio. They were getting ready to start a new chapter in their lives, and […]

Rachel Segel is featured on Shoutout Colorado

Shoutout Colorado connected with our own Rachel Segel and had a great conversation. Read all about it here: Meet Rachel Segel | Co-owner of The Pilates Center, a Pilates studio and Teacher Training school

Don’t Make a Rule About It

By Amy Taylor Alpers Pilates teachers are sometimes at their wits’ ends trying to figure out what is a real, true Pilates rule and what isn’t. Whom do you believe? Whose rules do you follow? As a rule-follower myself, I totally understand this struggle. For 30 years now, I’ve been extolling the benefits of classical […]

Rachel Interviews for ‘Pilates is Health’

See Rachel’s interview with the PMA for their initiative “Pilates is Health”   Ballet dancer for over twenty years and dealing with many aches and pains, Rachel became inspired by watching group of senior citizens in great shape practicing the method. Her gradual and complete transition from dancing to Pilates eliminated various pain issues throughout […]

TPC is a PSAP Approved School!

The Pilates Center is officially one of the first schools to be approved by the PMA and part of the new PMA Pilates School Approval Program!   Find out more about the Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP)   Here’s what Amy had to say about the new program to Pilates Style Magazine: “We have been […]

Find Your Mo-Joe! – Amy & Rachel in Pilates Style Magazine

The renowned founders of The Pilates Center in Boulder show you how to bring balance to your body – Joseph Pilates’ ultimate goal – with a mat series that will work your fingers all the way to your core. By Rachel Taylor Segel and Amy Taylor Alpers • Edited by Amanda Altman As we all know, […]

Amy and Rachel on Romana

Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel tell us how they found out about Pilates and what drew them to Romana Kryzanowska. They describe Romana’s great energy and how she had eagle eyes in the studio. Amy and Rachel also reveal what they believe to be Romana’s greatest contributions to the Pilates method. Watch on […]

Debora Kolwey Talks with Pilates Style Magazine

Dancing To Her Own Tune   Debora Kolwey’s eclectic background – including Eve Gentry and Stephen Frease and a passion for dance and yoga – has influenced her 25-plus years of teaching at The Pilates Center of Boulder.   Read her whole interview in the March/April 2017 issue of Pilates Style Magazine.  

Voted Best of Boulder 2017!

Thanks to everyone for voting The Pilates Center Best of Boulder for the second year!   Check out the Best of Boulder Magazine issue for more (pages 84-86) Developed by athlete and physical therapist pioneer Joseph Pilates, this form of exercise is good for everyone looking to become stronger, increase flexibility and improve coordination. Sisters […]