Don’t Make a Rule About It

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By Amy Taylor Alpers

Pilates teachers are sometimes at their wits’ ends trying to figure out what is a real, true Pilates rule and what isn’t. Whom do you believe? Whose rules do you follow? As a rule-follower myself, I totally understand this struggle. For 30 years now, I’ve been extolling the benefits of classical Pilates – it works,

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The 2016 Hip and Knee Conference

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July 20-24, 2016
Boulder, CO

As Pilates teachers today we see an alarming number of clients facing or rehabilitating from hip and knee injuries and surgeries. It’s truly an epidemic. What’s going on? Why is this happening? And how can we help? Because of this situation, we at TPC felt it was urgent and essential that we focus specifically on these issues now.

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Joe’s Scribe

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I’m not going to tell you who I am, because that might burst the bubble of fun that I hope this turns into!

From now on, each month you’ll find an article, by me, in honour of Joe, Clara and their amazing legacy: Pilates.

I will reveal that I’m a graduate of The Pilates Center,

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Returning to Life through Pilates: Part One

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A few years ago, I was frustrated, in pain, annoyed at the world and constantly ill. I had anxiety every day and barely slept. Breathing was something other people did – I didn’t have time to, and eating was a “grab whatever’s quickest and taste none of it” experience. I lived in London and blamed public transport, my job,

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