A Dynamic Duo for TPC: Meet Kaile Larson Ziemba and Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins

In the world of Pilates, exceptional teachers make all the difference. The Pilates Center, a renowned institution dedicated to the art of Pilates, boasts an impressive team of teachers. Today, we shine a spotlight on two of their leading teachers, Kaile Larson Ziemba and Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins. Their backgrounds, dedication, and unique teaching styles make them stand out as pillars of the Pilates community.

Kaile Larson Ziemba: The Energetic and Empowering Force

Kaile Larson Ziemba’s journey into the world of Pilates began in 1997 when she was pursuing her B.F.A. in Dance at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Her introduction to Pilates marked the beginning of a lifelong passion. Kaile’s dedication to the practice soon led her to The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program, where she earned her Certificate of Completion in 2004 and later completed The Master’s Program in 2008. Her commitment to excellence culminated with her passing the National Pilates Certification exam in 2009.

Kaile’s teaching at The Pilates Center began in 2004, and she quickly gained a reputation as one of the most requested teachers and teacher trainers. Her high energy and enthusiasm are contagious, creating an engaging and empowering environment for her students. Kaile’s unique background as a former professional dancer and aerialist provides her with an extraordinary understanding of movement, balance, and coordination.

Beyond her role as a teacher, Kaile is a working mom of two amazing teenage sons. Her dynamic and active lifestyle is a testament to the transformative power of Pilates. She thrives on movement, enjoying activities like dancing, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, biking, skateboarding, and playing the guitar. Through Pilates, Kaile has found the empowerment to lead a strong, flexible, and coordinated life, inspiring her students to do the same.

Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins: The Pilates Education Guru

Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins is a Pilates veteran with a profound dedication to education and a remarkable journey in the industry. Kelli’s connection with fitness started early in her life, as she was a competitive swimmer in her childhood, even participating in the Jr. Olympics. This foundation in fitness was further nurtured by her mother’s deep involvement in the field. Kelli’s academic journey led her to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Kelli’s passion for Pilates was ignited in 2001 when she discovered classical Pilates and joined The Pilates Center of Boulder. She transitioned from being a client to entering The Pilates Center’s Advanced Teacher Training Program, ultimately graduating in 2005 and being hired as a teacher for the center. The Pilates Center of Boulder holds a prestigious reputation in the industry, and Kelli has been instrumental in growing their education programs.

Over the years, Kelli’s relationship with Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel, prominent figures in the Pilates world, has played a significant role in shaping her teaching style. Kelli is NCPT Certified and an NPCP Provider. She also serves as a Master’s Program Presenter and Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center. Kelli’s extensive experience has taken her around the world, conducting Master’s Program Workshops and even teaching at Pilates Anytime.

Kelli has a deep passion for collaboration with her clients, focusing on improving their strength, flexibility, and balance. Her dedication to education led her to become the Director of Education at The Pilates Center, where she manages all education programs and works remotely from College Station, Texas.

Kaile Larson Ziemba and Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins exemplify the excellence and dedication found at The Pilates Center. Their unique journeys, expertise, and commitment to the art of Pilates make them true luminaries in the field. As leading teachers, they inspire and empower their students, contributing significantly to the well-being and fitness of countless individuals. These two remarkable instructors stand as a testament to the transformative power of Pilates in enhancing lives and spreading the joy of movement and wellness.

About The Pilates Center

The Pilates Center was founded in Boulder in 1990 by sisters Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel. The sisters trained under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé, and inheritor of his NYC studio. Amy and Rachel have worked to foster the legacy and tradition of the original, classical method of Pilates while also incorporating a humanistic approach to meet every individual’s needs. For over 30 years, they have made it their mission to heal the world by empowering people to transform their health and Return to Life through Pilates.