Open the Mind – Open the Body : Finding New Perspectives in Pilates
$ 725
All day long
From 19-07-17 to 23-07-17

Most students and teachers of Pilates understand this method through two primary perspectives – that of our teachers, who are the ones who originally told us what to do and think and feel; and that of our own inherent movement patterns and style – the only body we’ve ever lived in.   In this conference we will expand the binds of these limits, and explore new perspectives in understanding the Pilates method more deeply,  revealing new possibilities in our own body’s potential for health and well-being.

The Pilates Center Summer Conference

July 19-23, 2017

20 CEC hours

The Spine to Organ Connection
Wednesday July 19, 2017   2-6pm  $160*

Amy Taylor Alpers

The human spine is amazing. It’s strong and flexible and powerful. It houses and protects the entire spinal cord, and it also includes openings for all the spinal nerves to exit the spine and innervate every organ in the body. We know that Joseph Pilates was clear about how important a healthy spine is. He wanted you to bend front, back and sideways, twist, and roll it. He said “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” Why is this so important though? What difference does a strong, flexible spine actually make to your health?

In this workshop we’ll explore how each vertebral segment of your spine correlates to specific areas of your body, especially organs. A spine that articulates beautifully – naturally and normally as it was designed – therefore stimulates and cleanses every organ and system in your body. Then we’ll look at Pilates exercises from this perspective – discovering how Pilates affects the health by directly affecting specific organs through spinal articulation, and consequently how tightness, rigidity, fear, and lack of flexibility at any place in the spine would directly negatively affect certain organs and systems as well. From your brain to your lungs to your colon, from your endocrine to your circulatory to your digestive system, and more, a healthy, flexible spine is the key to your whole body health in so many ways.

Wednesday 6:15 pm Class with Amy Alpers *restricted to those attending this workshop


Fascinating Fascia:  How The Pilates Method can Promote its Health
Thursday July 20, 2017   2-6pm  $160*

Leah Wecksler

Fascia means “bundle” or “band” in Latin.  This amazing web of connective tissue surrounds, connects and supports our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs and other parts of our anatomy.  It is the structure of our form, and research increasingly shows how important a role it plays in postural and movement patterns.  Healthy, hydrated fascia relates to muscle balance and efficiency, joint health, organ function and even nervous system and emotions balance.

The Pilates method with its vast movement repertoire and emphasis on deep , full breathing is the perfect exercise modality to promote healthy fascia.  This workshop will explore fascia lines of stretch, simple hands-on techniques for releasing fascial tension and how Pilates exercises inherently address the health of our fascia.  This view in will enhance our ability as Pilates practitioners and teachers to attain uniform development and wellbeing.

Thursday 6:15 pm Join us for Drinks


Guided by the Pilates Method – Taught by the Pilates Equipment
Friday July 21, 2017  2-6pm  $160*

Kaile Larson Ziemba

The movement design of the Pilates method has innate wisdom, and as students and teachers of the method that is a primary focus for us.  We look to correct our clients’ form as they perform Pilates.  Just as important and often overlooked though, is the brilliant design and innate wisdom of Joseph Pilates’ equipment and his use of springs.  As Pilates teachers we continue to learn, and as a Pilates community, we get smarter and more informed in our human anatomy.  As a result, however, we often preempt movement and ask for certain muscle actions before any movement has even occurred.  By doing so, we forsake the value of the equipment.  In this workshop we will look at Pilates relative to the equipment and how it can “teach” the body if we are willing to let it.  In this workshop we will explore how to blend our knowledge with better use of the equipment and springs to allow movements to occur more normally and naturally to promote a healthier body, mind and spirit.

Friday 8:00 am Mat in the Mountains – Meet at Chautauqua Park for a morning Mat Class with Kaile Ziemba


The Upper Body and Back: How crucial it is for successful extension.
Saturday July 22, 2017  1-5pm  $160*

Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins

In this workshop, we will look at Pilates exercises that build strength to support extension. Since the majority of Pilates practitioners are woman, it can be harder to access the upper body and back. We will look at ways to address these issues and find more successful extension. We will explore where and what are the missing links are for most of us in our upper bodies and how we can focus on increasing strength in these areas while doing our Pilates work.

Saturday 5:30pm – Pica’s Boulder Mexican Taqueria for Margaritas and Guacamole


How Many Ways to Achieve Pilates Improvement!
Sunday July 23, 2017  9am-1pm  $160*

Rachel Taylor Segel

Our teacherly goal is to make progress soon and swiftly, whether our client is young, old, athletic or delicate, rehab-ing or maintaining.  We must balance a misaligned hip, strengthen a tense, weak shoulder and remove pain as soon as possible to return our client to optimum health, happy in their body and in their spirit.

This workshop will explore myriad perspectives and paths to achieve immediate full body changes that are functional, efficient and further our client’s goals.  We’ll explore imagery, nervous system, muscular patterning and many more perspectives – intriguing and powerful tools for all experienced teachers.

Sponsoring Studio:     The Pilates Center
Boulder, Colorado

Contact:   Kaile Ziemba
Number of Hours Education:      20
Valid for Teacher Training? YES
Hours Valid for Master Program? YES
Hours Valid for Continuing Education? YES
Hours Valid for PMA? YES


*$160 per workshop or $725 for full Conference


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